Chris Paul ♚ Five Four

Chris Paul ♚ Five Four

NBA Point-God Chris Paul – the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, perennial all-star and pound-for-pound baddest brethren slangin’ rubberized rocks from hardwood to hard knocks known worldwide as CP3 – recently linked up with long-time friends Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy to offer the fashion game free-throwers a couture industry assist. Here’s the layup: “Chris has such a strong voice and an amazing platform and we wanted to showcase that in this campaign,” says Murthy. “We believe fashion should be about individuality and taking some risks and Chris really embodies that.” Izquieta and Murthy have captained such iconic LA brands as Young & Reckless, New Republic, Grand :: AC, and popular Las Vegas style store 12amRun.


The two couturier’s new cool is called FIVE FOUR, launching a line simply present to offer one effortless inquiry – what is your code? Paul shares his: a message of individualism merged with progressive success. He keeps family at the forefront and plays with a competitive chip on his leadership shoulders, all laced with a millionaire mindset and Clipper career envied by every while inspiring to all. “Ever since my move to LA I have had a great relationship with Andres and Dee,” shared Paul, a former NBA Rookie of the Year award winner and eight time All-Defensive team awardee. “They are a part of the culture and as leaders in the LA fashion market, I believed in them.” Adds Izquieta: “Besides being one of the greatest NBA players of all time Chris has really emerged as a fashion icon and we felt that he was the ideal person to convey the story that we wanted to tell with this campaign.” FIVE FOUR offers apparel, shoes and accessories as a brand extension of the popular FIVE FOUR CLUB.

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