Kevin Cobbs ♚ YORK

Kevin Cobbs ♚ YORK

Professional boxer and athletic trainer Kevin Cobbs is super serious about his tactical approach to physical fitness. As a light heavyweight contender, Cobbs must be ready for warfare at all times, including the ability to attack and defend with equal dexterity. In the gladiator-like combat sport of boxing, ring requirements include fleet-footed agility, top notch technique, bounce, and force, so Cobbs needs a shoe as responsive and supportive as technologically possible. A man who builds and battles researches to find the latest tools of the trade, so he discovered that athleisure brand YORK continues to be a distinct forerunner within the health and fitness space by embracing the fighting fitness community and promoting a fighting mindset. Their shoe was a perfect fit for Cobbs, and the fighter always keeps it 300 so… This is Sparta!


He recently teamed up with YORK, signing on as the official brand ambassador for the company’s new “Fighter Edition” footwear line. Priced at 125.00 and building off the foot-forming fit and responsive feel of their signature shoe, The Henry, trainers now have a light, innovative, technically soft air monofilament mesh base for increased air flow and durability. The Fighter Edition boasts fresh colorways and the durable yet sophisticated addition of stunning full grain leather, which is used in their signature heel tab. YORK’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is currently on sale via their online store

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