Iconic sandal brand Teva continues its Artist Series with a classic connection that screams instant vintage, linking up with San Francisco based street-wear designer Benny Gold this go-round for a monstrous mashup. The new men’s style offers Benny’s take on Teva’s famous Original Universal sandal, a staple among outdoor enthusiasts. Using a custom designed nylon webbing upper, the former kick-flipping graphic artist turned curb-thrashing couturier was able to capture the art of creative expression and incorporate his trademark Stay Gold paper airplane logo with a unique geometric pattern inspired by their shared affinity for the concrete culture. Both brands are symbolic of youthful exuberance, encouraging good people with great goals to always keep moving no matter what. “Benny Gold’s unwavering sentiment for doing what you love and are passionate about in life made him a perfect collaborator for Teva’s Artist Series collection,” Teva Sr. Marketing Director Erika Gabrielli begins, adding: “Gold’s independent spirit, visionary design, and nostalgia for the brand are transparent in the final product of this collection and demonstrates our belief in the importance of true artistic creativity and individuality in any and all forms.”


The Gold-Teva collection includes limited-edition t-shirts, prints, two sock styles, and sandals. Each piece shares Gold’s design, a globally recognized free flow which illustrates the importance of staying true to one’s passions, growing up without growing old, and ownership of a do-it-yourself work ethic without taking oneself too seriously. Young energy, urban ingenuity, and graffiti-mirroring graphics are all synonymous with this Gold-Teva hybrid brand ethos. The result is a great product fans of both company’s can appreciate. Gold bonded with Teva as a teen: “When I was in high school one of my first jobs was at a shoe store where I sold a lot of Teva sandals,” remembers Gold. “I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Teva, so when they approached me about partnering with them to design a limited-edition sandal, it felt like everything came full circle from my childhood.” Check out these awesome on-the-scene images taken at Gold’s new store, studio, and creative space on Valencia Street in the heart of San Francisco.

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