Lotus ♚ Evora

Lotus ♚ Evora

The new Evora Sport 410 from Lotus is an exclusive luxury speed auto produced in rare limited-edition runs, with only 150 global models made available per year. Group Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales elaborated on the new model’s predicted impact, as well as Lotus’ brand expansion: “Last year we embarrassed rivals with a car that cost less but out-classed their best,” Gales begins. “This year the same rivals are in for a surprise. Less mass, reduced drag, and greater down-force means the Evora Sport 410 is not only faster on the straight, but also when cornering,” the vehicle enthusiasts continues. “It is without equal, being both refined and intuitive, and again shows that we are making our best ever cars. The reaction to the Evora Sport 410 since its debut in Europe and Asia has been exceptional, and we know that our American and Canadian customers will really appreciate what this Lotus is capable of.” The Lotus Evora 410 GP edition has a standard MSRP of $110,000.



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