Lotus Exige ♚ Sport 380

Lotus Exige ♚ Sport 380

Luxury sports car automaker Lotus follows its championed Exige 350 with a 0-to-60 in 3.5 second land jet called the Exige 380. An agile, lightweight 352 horsepower thoroughbred catering to the cravings of speed addicted style enthusiasts, the hot new vehicle’s focus on reduced weight, higher performance, and honed aerodynamics reaches for the coveted crown of best sports car under $100k. The 380 debuts today and is for sale in three countries and their respective currencies: Japan (Yen), Germany (Euros), and the UK (Pounds). One of the Exige Sport 380’s sexiest new features is a commanding six-speed manual gearbox, which uses Lotus’ acclaimed open-gate design.

WORDS Tone Swep
SHOTS Will Bryan

Group Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales is impressed and proud of his company’s newest machine: “We’ve saved something special for our last new car of 2016. We have built upon the foundations of the excellent Exige Sport 350 and developed a perfectly proportioned, intuitive, and attainable super-car for real roads,” boasts Gales of the lean and affordable new Lotus.” The cut in weight is nothing short of drastic, and combined with the hike in power and its enhanced agility, we’ve created something exceptional – far greater than the sum of its parts,” he concludes, adding: “The Exige Sport 380 is so good, that it is no longer the best in class. It’s now in a class of its own.” 

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