THRILLERS ♚ How To Break Free

THRILLERS ♚ How To Break Free

Synth-pop gridlocked with tall, dark, and dance all-night is an accurate description of THRILLERS club life conviction. Featuring standout production from mood mangling mainstays Back Talk and Twin Shadow, the real-life blood brothers known around the home as Greg and Jeremy Pearson deliver an attention-seeking debut which echoes 80’s freedom, often underlined by indirectly melodramatic homages to a pompous pop familiarity excitedly liked by most.


Depth, dance, and domineering distance from musical mediocrity resonate throughout this project, especially on the regal lead generators “Heat”, “Far Gone”, “Lipstick On The Mirror”, “Slow Motion Replay”, and “Desire”. Catch these vinyl-glam go-forwards wardrobe draped in the drawn elegance of a Giacomo Balla painting on North American Tour reaching for greatness through April as part of the Lights & Music Collective conceived Dance Yourself Clean indie party. THRILLERS debut album, Break Free, drops April 28th and will be available everywhere music is sold and streamed.

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